Friday, October 10, 2008

The Archives of My Life

Merry Meet Friends and Lurkers:

So, I know I bitched and whined about those rat bastards at AOL closing the Journals. Hey, I had a right to bitch and whine! I've been a loyal customer since 1996 and paid tons of money to use their service when in fact, there were obviously much cheaper. Yes, I've had ulterior motives, but hey, that's not the point!!! I've spent countless hours, researching, reading, typing, well, never mind. Let it suffice to say that I and others that will remain forever nameless, by sheer will, passion and determination, have kept AOL in business. OK, I'm exaggerating, but still....

So enough complaining. I have since forgiven AOL for being notorious rat bastards and the reason for this act of generosity is that, as of two days ago, they successfully "imported" all my previous AOL blog entries into this new venue! That was a pretty nifty trick, I gotta tell ya. I'm quite pleased that the transition itself was relatively simple. More importantly though, aside from putting alot of myself into those past entries, I also posted some of my own photos that I was unsure if I would still be able to save. The archives are located on my profile page under, "Everything She Does AOL Archives. As if you wouldn't have guessed!

That being said, if you're interested in reading about some of the stuff I've been up to since back in the day, feel free to peruse my archives!

In darkness, light!


Disclaimer: If you happen to recognize yourself in something I've written, it's either purely coincidental or you have a really guilty conscience!

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