Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dr. Erica Hahn & Dr. Callie Torres

Merry Meet and Welcome Friends and Lurkers!

If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy then you already know I'm referring to Dr. Erica Hahn (Brook Smith) and Dr. Callie Torres O'Malley (Sara Ramirez). And, if you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you also know that Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn are involved in a budding lesbian relationship. Callie isn't actually a full-fledged lesbian, she's well...actually kind of bisexual. She had been married to Dr. George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) who, in actuality, is gay.

Ok, so you're probably wondering what's with the recap of Grey's Anatomy? Well, I gotta tell ya, I found the latest episode of the show...well, disturbing. Well, not so much. It wasn't the actual episode itself that was disturbing, but my reaction to it.

Allow me to explain. I am not one of these people who believe homosexuality is an anomaly. I believe that just as I was born a female heterosexual without having any choice in the matter, so were homosexuals born into their own sexuality for the very same reason. I think the notion that we are products of our "environment" or upbringing is complete and utter bullshit. That said, I have many friends and family members of various sexual orientations and I am completely comfortable with their relationships. I make no distinctions between their relationships with their lovers or significant others than to that of my friends who are in heterosexual relationships. I find their displays of affection just as tender and beautiful as any other couple in love. In essence, if they have found happiness, then I'm happy for them and it's all good.

During the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn had shared their first lesbian experience. Apparently Callie was not at all thrilled with it and told Erica that she wasn't interested in a repeat performance. Erica looked...crushed! Callie then decides to incorporate the expertise of her sexually experienced, fairly gorgeous male co-star, Dr. Mark Sloan a.k.a. Dr. McSteamy (Eric Dane) to teach her the finer points of....well, what she described as "going South". It wasn't that her first experience with Dr. Erica Hahn wasn't good for her, she just didn't believe she was good at it! In the next scene, she walks in on Dr. McSteamy, who is attempting to sleep in the on-call room and tells him in no uncertain terms to teach her what he knows. He's totally agreeable and instructs her to "take off your pants". It was all good for me thus far. The end of the show however, finds an obviously now more experienced Dr. Callie Torres walking in on Dr. Erica Hahn, casting a seductive glance over her and instructing her to "take off your pants". I gotta tell ya, I was repulsed!!!! But now I was concerned as well! Why was I was repulsed? "Was I becoming a raging homophobe", I wondered? How could this be?? I must confess, I've seen lesbian porn before and I found it quite....McSteamy!!! Well, that was Thursday and it bothered me all the way until last evening, when I finally put a finger on my reaction (no pun intended)

At dinner, I was discussing this with my husband, Ray who agreed that this reaction was totally unlike me! I am a naturally very affectionate person and I don't discriminate by gender. If a female friend, of whatever sexual preference, is stroking my hair, gives me a hug or snuggles with me on the sofa, I enjoy it just as much as if it were a male friend. I equal opportunity schmoozer! So, I found this uncharacteristic behavior completely disconcerting!

Well, as I was played the scene over and over in my mind... I had an epiphany!!!! No, in fact, a revelation!!! The reason why I was so turn off was because...I do not find Dr. Erica Hahn at all sexually attractive!!!! (Sorry, Erica) I turned to my husband and said, "Ray, I finally figured out why Grey's Anatomy freaked me out so much!!!" "Yeah, why?", he asked through a mouth full of sushi. I replied, "Dr. Erica Hahn doesn't turn me on!!!"

Sushi Dinner $75

Look on Ray's face: Priceless.

In darkness, light!!!



Carol said...


I never watched the show but now wish that I did.

your answer at the end floored poor Ray! I have to say it was a real good one!!!!!!!!LOL

Tracy said...

Just tryin' to keep him on his toes!

Carol said...

Good work girl!

Anonymous said...

nice.. very nice... jeff

Tracy said...

Hey Jeff!

Just keepin'it real! }:)


P.S. Happy Halloween!!!