Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's the 411 on 411

Merry Meet Friends and Lurkers!

I have to say that yesterday I experienced something quite disturbing. I was trying to find a number in Paramus, NJ which I believed had two listings. I dialed 411 and got an operator in Bangladesh. This is how the conversation went:

Me: :::dialing 411:::

Operator: City and State?

Me: Paramus, New Jersey

Operator: City and State?

Me: Paramus, New Jersey

Operator: Can you spell that please?

Me: P-A-R-A-M-U-S

Operator: What listing?

Me: PetSmart

Operator: What listing??

Me: ::::tapping pen on desk::: PetSmart.

Operator: What city?

Me: Paramus, New Jersey

Operator: Is that P-I-R or T.A.R?

Me: It's Paramus. P as in Peter-A as in Apple-R as in Robert-A as in Apple-M as in Mary-U as in "you should friggin know how to spell this (no I didn't)-S as in Sam.

:::listening to my co-workers snickering in the background:::

Operator: What listing?

Me: ::as slow and controlled as possible to avoid head exploding::: Paramus, New Jersey. P-A-R-A-M-U-S!

Operator: Are you spelling it correctly?

Me: ::::slamming pen on desk:::

:::Insert sound of keyboard clicking:::

Me: Googling "PetSmart" in Paramus, New Jersey. Approximate time: 30 seconds.

Operator: I'm sorry, there is no listing for that location in New Jersey.

Operator: Can you spell that again please?

Me: Nevermind, I have got!

::::insert sound of phone slamming:::

:::insert sound of my co-workers laughing their asses off!::::

I could have friggin' walked to PetSmart and got the phone number faster!

When the unemployment rate in this country is at a 5 year high of 6.1%, why we are outsourcing to people in other countries? There may be other occupations that are more suitable for outsourcing but when I call 411 for information in New Jersey, I expect to reach someone that not only has a working knowledge of the English language and who, oh I don't know.. actually knows that Paramus exists and it exists in New Jersey.

Sheesh! I hope 911 isn't next!


Anonymous said...

It is totally outrageous that they hire people that have no working knowledge of the English language! In the background they were laughing!!!! They should all GO HOME WHERE THEY BELONG!

This country is really going down pretty scarey!

Tracy said...

No, MY coworkers were laughing!!! They found my frustration hysterical. I recently was on a business call where the person on the other end asked me if she could call me back. She told me that I had reached a 3rd party connection that was being forward through India. Now that's scary!!!

So in point of fact, these people actually are at home!!!!

Carol said...

a third party connection being forwarded through India - never heard of that. Everything is all f...ed up everywhere!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Yeah, I was pretty surprised myself. Things are getting stranger by the day. I can't even blame it on the retrograde!