Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's' Autumn!!!

Merry Meet All!!!

So, you're probably thinking..."uh, yeah...we know it's Autumn!" Buncha smart asses! I know it's Autumn too! I'm not talking about the season! Dammit!

This is a photo of "my" Autumn. She is the beautiful painted lady that we adopted as a rescue last fall. All our kid's friends call her "The Halloween Kitty" because of her black and orange markings.

I found her curled up in a cage at PetSmart. I couldn't really see her face behind the glass, but I just knew I had to bring her home. My husband assured me that we were not getting another cat. I assured him that he was wrong. After a week of intolerable haranguing on her behalf, I went back and got her.

Every morning she sits on my lap watching me read my e-mail and together, we spend "quality cat time." She gets a kick out of watching my fingers as I type and yesterday, she decided to take matters into her own hands, or paws as it were.

I was going through my "useless saved mail folder" and I came a upon something I had saved from long ago. As I scrolled down the letter, I found myself recalling the reason why I saved it in the first place. At that moment, Autumn moved her little paw and hit the delete key. I was about to scold her, when she looked at up at me with this quizzical expression, as if to say, "why are you saving this?"

I was actually taken aback by the look on her face and responded, "yeah, I was thinking the same thing!"

In darkness, light!!!



Carol said...

Autumn is so beautiful I just love her, as I do all your animals. People don't realize the connection we get with cats. My Isis and Morris are just like my children, they fight, they play and they try to see who can get next to me first!

I was at your house one day when Ray told someone not to tell you about a little cat because you may want it.

As far as hitting the delete key people underestimate the intelligence of cats!! LOL LOL

Tracy said...

She is really intelligent. She began responding to her own name by the second week we had her. She is beautiful, but sooooo spoiled.