Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh No He Didn't!

Merry Meet Friends and Lurkers:

I listen to 1010 WINS, whom I swear are reporting things not only because they are news worthy, but for the sheer entertainment value. (see my archived entry on the death of Paul Newman and you'll understand what I mean). Having said that, if I had to report the same friggin' news every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, I'd be looking for ways to amuse myself too!

Yesterday afternoon, they were broadcasting an interview with George W., who was talking about the economic bail out plan. Well, he attempted to use the word "financier", a word which was obviously too complicated for his limited vocabulary and instead, pronounced it, "fee-nan-sor." "Feenansor?" But wait, isn't this guy supposed to be a graduate of both Harvard and Yale??? And his grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a Wall Street financier! WTF!!!!

John Montone, who reports for 1010 WINS, promptly jumped on the flub by saying, "I believe the President meant to say "financier".

Yeah, John, we know, too late, it was already friggin' funny!

Know what's even funnier????

We voted this idiot into the White House, not once, but twice!!

Well, actually......I didn't. Just sayin' }:)

In darkness, light!



Anonymous said...

Some of us might maintain that we NEVER voted him into the White House but rather that BOTH elections were rigged by voting booth shenanigans. How could BOTH elections have been decided by one state each time in 2000 and 2004 (the states of Florida and Ohio respectively) and YET we delude ourselves into thinking that the Electoral College still works to KEEP the election from being decided by one state?

Do we remember Hilary touting "electoral reform" after the Bushies on the Supreme Court handed W the election and Al Gore caved? Where's all the electoral reform?

Tracy said...

Merry Meet anonymous:

Quite frankly, I think at this late stage of the game, it matters very little who voted for him or how he got there. What most concerns me are the disasterous effects of his terms in office and how and if this country will ever recover.

For whatever it's worth, I'm counting the minutes until he exits the building.

In darkness, light!


Carol said...

It seems like it is going to take awhile before our country recovers from this administration.

I really can't believe that he still in office!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

I'm really concerned because I have no true confidence in either of the candidates.

I don't feel as if we're going to be in a better place with either.

Carol said...

I am afraid too. Who ever does get in inherited plenty of troubles!!

I will vote for Obama and hope for the best. I don't like McCain and Palin she is another story. Can you imagine her president if something happened. she would be winking and winking and then may shoot some moose!!

Tracy said...

Carol, you are too damn funny!

I'm leaning toward Mr. Obama myself, not becaused I'm convinced he's the right person for the job, but because the mere thought that Palin could end up being President is just too frightening to wrap my mind around.

Just imagine...McCain meets with an untimely demise and we're under the "Palin Administration".