Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things That Keep Me Up At Night...

Merry Meet Friends and Lurkers!

So, several nights this summer, we were awakened to a sound that I can only describe as "other worldly". Ok, I'm lying. I can also describe it as, "eerie, weird, and creepy". Let's leave it at this, it's a haunting sound that just isn't human. No, I'm not dreaming! My husband, Ray has heard it too, as has the supermarket cashier, who is convinced it's an evil spirit come to warn us of some impending catastrophe. I haven't heard from my next door neighbor thus far, but I'm anticipating a knock on my door any time now. She already believes that we are "invoking demons" during our rituals, so I'm sure I will be held responsible for what ever it is that's keeping us awake.

Many a night, I've gotten up at 3 a.m., wandering around in the backyard, trying to see if I can introduce myself to the "something" that can't seem to sleep and is hell bent on making sure we can't either. I gotta tell ya, not many things in this life freak me out anymore, but being alone, outside in the dark, in the middle of the night with the little fuuuu...little creature who is making that sound is down right unnerving.

If you've ever seen the movie "My Cousin Vinny", there's a scene where Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are sleeping in their car in the middle of the woods. They are awakened to a blood-curdling screeching noise that turns out to be a Screech Owl in a tree. At first, that's what we suspected, but the sound is coming from ground level, it's definitely not a bird.

This morning, again around 3 a.m., we were awakened to our dogs, shaking and barking like maniacs, fur standing on end! The windows were open and there it was again! What is that?!?!? I thought about going outside again but, fuck that! If the dogs were scared, who am I to be a hero!

But, I HAD to know!!! So this morning, I've spent the last several hours "googling" animal sounds. Did you know that there are pages and pages devoted to the sound that a groundhog makes during mating? Hey, ya never know what some people are into! In any case, I think I may be on to something...

Phew! That's a relief! I hate invoking anything I can't banish!

In darkness, light!



Anonymous said...


Great picture, great blog you certainly have a way with words.

was it the groundhog??!!

Tracy said...

Nope, a Red Fox!!! Who would have guessed!

Roberta Lipp said...


Tracy said...

Pretty scary, huh? Good thing we keep missing each other in the middle of the night!