Monday, December 8, 2008

Because I Said So!!!

Merry Meet and Seasons Greetings Friends and Lurkers.

So it was 2, count em', 2 degrees when I woke up this morning! It's about 12 degrees at this writing. I finally had to accept the realization that Winter has, indeed, arrived.

Last night, as I watched the street lights shimmering through the frost on the windows and listened to the howling wind whipping around the house at 45 miles an hour, I decided to break out my most beautiful, toastiest flannel sheets. Ahhhhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of soft, cozy flannel against your skin...well, that and a warm husband and a dog or two.

Just as I nestled beneath the warmth of my blankets, feeling safe, content and thankful, a thought intruded on my peaceful state of mind. There were people out there in this frigid cold without flannel sheets, or comfy blankets. Or coats. Or homes. I felt dreadful. Many of us have begun doing prosperity work for ourselves, our friends and others who are struggling during this economic crisis and I am no exception. I made a conscious decision that I needed to focus more work, both literally and magickally on those who were most in need. I began thinking about what magickal work might be appropriate and I said a little prayer, asking Hecate for guidance. Working with Hecate requires dedication, devotion, humility, courage and the ability to always expect the unexpected. Tonight would be no different.

As I lay there, just beginning to fall asleep, I experienced what can only be described as a psychic "nudge". I suddenly felt that I needed to light the black devotional candles on my altar. Oh c'mon! I was not hauling ass out of the sinful decadence of my cozy, flannel sheets for nobody, no how! I began going over all the excuses in my head why I shouldn't get up at that very moment. It was midnight! I had to get up early and...and I might wake Ray! Let it suffice to say if there was an excuse to be found, I was going to find it! Dammit. Just then, a, more like a message popped into my head, "You ask for my help, yet you can't get your ass out of bed to light a couple of candles." I threw off the sheets, reached into the draw and pulled out my match sticks.

I tried to be as quiet as I could, fumbling in the dark, chilly, flannel free room, for the matches while blindly trying to light the wicks in the black glass pillars. The first went off without a hitch, but as I attempted to light the second, the flame quickly consumed the wooden match stick, scorching my fingers! I silently screamed a couple of colorful words that began with "Mother" and blew out the match, dropping it to the floor. Probably not my best choice of words given whom I was invoking! I glanced over to see if Ray had heard me. Nope, there he was, completely oblivious to to my attempts to burn down the house. After making sure that the dropped match stick was indeed out and that the fire elementals were not going to party in my bedroom after I fell asleep, I reached again for my match sticks and a shot at the second pillar. I lit the second match, thinking that I really wanted to make this fast so I wouldn't burn myself again and so I could get back to bed. As I turned back toward my altar, leaning over to light the candle, there to my sheer and utter amazement, was the second black pillar, flickering in the darkness.

In Darkness, Light! Seriously!



carol said...

You mean the second candle was already lit!! that tells you something for sure. When you ask for Hecate's guidance you had better listen. LOL

I always have the animals on my mind in the cold weather. I always carry extra cat food in the trunk and if I see strays I just leave it for them.

Tracy said...

You know, I actually hit "Publish" before I could make that clear (and check for typos), but yeah, the candle was already lit!!!

I really burnt my finger that night and expected it to be blistered the next day. Not only was there nothing, but it didn't hurt at all!

How wild is that?!

The first thing I thought was, "Ok, got it!".

Carol said...

that is really wild!!!!!!!!

I think your right we should all start doing prosperity spells for the good of all.

For the Full Moon I will work with Hecate I have her incense (which I love love the smell) When I used it a couple of months ago, there was something I can't say what but I felt that She was there. She is an extremely powerful Goddess.

Tracy said...

Where ever did you find Hecate incense? I haven't seen any!

The Moon is approaching Full, I'll be working that night as well.

She is very powerful, and unpredictable, yet very, very specific!

Anonymous said...

Carol has left a new comment:

When I went to New Hope I bought it. Not in the first witches shop but the second it has a lot of herbs, etc. He put some in a bag for me.

If you can remember (because I will forget) just call me and I will bring you a little. Maybe the next sabbat or something. Maybe Yule but you have to remind me.

Tracy said...

The place in New Hope is the Witch Shoppe, isn't it?

I thought I might catch up with you on the Full Moon, but it turns out I can be there for the Esbat.

I'll catch you at Yule, but we need to plan a road trip to New Hope!

Carol said...

Yes, the Witch Shoppe is right on the main road and the other shop where I bought the Hecate incense (resin) is about 4 houses down from there. I like this one much better he has all sorts of herbs. In fact, i bought a couple of things for the house.

Sounds good I would love to go to New Hope it is a great place.

See you at Yule and I will try and remember to bring some.