Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pests in Your Garden...

Happy New Year Friends, Followers and Lurkers!

So, my daughter Kyla came to me and said "Mom, there's a girl is school that hates me". Naturally, I asked why. She explained that she really had no idea. She didn't know this girl with the exception of the fact that the girl did not like her. Kyla makes friends easily and has tons of them, so she hardly found this heartbreaking. She was however, puzzled by the fact that someone could dislike you without ever having the opportunity to get to know you. Ah, the adolescent mentality! The scary part is that some people become adults without ever growing out of it!

Ok, so I needed to come up with some good Mom advice. What could I say? I told her simply this, "not everyone in this life is going to like you, don't make their problem yours." I further explained that given that she really didn't know this girl, it was impossible to know what her issues were, but I thought that it might just be jealousy, as is often the case. I suggested that Kyla might try engaging the girl in conversation. Her response was quite simple. "You know Mom, I don't give her enough thought to even bother." She was actually somewhat amused that this girl would expend so much energy disliking her! She really is so much like me!

N'uff said. I didn't feel it required further discussion. I did tell her that throughout her life she may encounter people who spin themselves into a web of their own delusions. They convince themselves that you are putting as much energy into them as they are in you, when in fact, they never enter your mind. I did make it perfectly clear however that if the situation was to progress to anything more serious, I wanted to know about it.

In any case, I decided it would be prudent to teach Kyla how to shield herself magickally against this girl's negativity. When I did however, she said, "Mom, that's not how you do it". Then she brushed her hand across her shoulder as if shooing away a pesky bug!

Oh.My.God! I had to laugh! She had just portrayed some people's personalities perfectly!

In Darkness, Light!



debenedetto,carol said...

that was something see how much Kyla picked up from you!!!

As for your mom pep talk it was good.

They have to go through so much. Never thought I would be glad I am getting older. I know that it still happens when you get older but something like that really would bother me when I was younger now I say F..k it!

At least Kyla is ahead of the game.

I lied getting older it sucks!!!!!

Tracy said...

You know Carol, I don't think it's a matter of getting older, but growing wiser. Some people never do, despite trying to convince themselves otherwise.

I used to let stuff like that bother me as a kid too. I avoided confrontation even when it was in my best interest not to. I still avoid confrontation when possible,

"Woe betide the creature that fucks up in my garden".

carol said...

LOL you sound just like me!!