Saturday, January 24, 2009

By Vine and Thorn

O' heart bound..
By not cord, nor chain
But by vine and thorn.
Will thy open and bleed?
When your voice I hear..
Over seas and in dreams
In night's stillness..
Only scars will tell the tale...

Tracy - January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad - January 24, 1916


Carol said...

That is beautiful Tracy.

May he have peace.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Carol.

But according to a medium we met, where ever he is, he's with my I'm not sure if peace is an option. Just sayin' :)

matthew said...

Beautiful poem. I especially like "by vine and thorn." Earthy and real.

Tracy said...

Thank you, Matthew.

I do so value your opinion!

George said...

Nicely done.. I'm sure your father was there picking up on the words as they swirled around you in the writing.

You might had even felt him there...

It is a nice write.

Tracy said...

Thanks, George!

And you're absolutely right! I did sense him there!