Sunday, January 11, 2009

Criminal Minds...

The Evidence

Daphne (The Culprit)

Brrrrrr and Well Met Family, Friends, Followers and Lurkers!

Do you ever wonder what your pets think about when you're not around? No? Well, perhaps you should start!

A recent study by the University of Vienna found that that dogs actually have a sense of fairness. I always try to treat my dogs as fairly as I do the other members of my family. Sound strange? Perhaps. I must confess that I do this more as a result of my own guilt than because I truly believe that they notice any difference. Still, I am of the firm belief that we, as human beings, are not now, nor ever will we be, superior to animals. Quite frankly, they often prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, by mere instinct, that they are far superior to our sorry asses!

That said, I was recently faced with the the possibility that our dog, Daphne, felt that there was inequity afoot in our household and was planning to resort to extreme measures to rectify the situation.

We have a finished basement that we've turned into "sacred space" for our kids. They spend a lot of time there with their video games, TV and computer activities. Daphne spends a lot of time there as well. This is her choice, not ours, but I suspect that she enjoys being with the kids. Perhaps she feels that she is protecting them, but since we've never really discussed it, this would be mere speculation on my part.

Because she has this odd preference for the basement, there are times when we are in other areas of the house and do not hear her when she decides to join the rest of the family. I will often go to the basement door and find a variety of toys that she has left for us the on the basement steps. I am always struck with a mixture of amusement, amazement and guilt. I feel terrible that she thinks she needs to bribe us to let her out, but impressed that she would think to do so. Ray tries to quell my "mother's guilt" by telling me, "She's a dog, Trace...she doesn't have the same reasoning skills that we do." Pffffft....good thing!

Last night, Daphne's bribery tactics took a decidedly sinister turn. I heard her whining at the basement door, but I guess I didn't get there as promptly as she would have liked. When I opened the door, Daphne pranced innocently out of the basement. I sensed no animosity on her part, yet as I closed the door behind her, I looked down on the steps and saw to my complete and utter horror, a small stuffed dog toy and a roll of masking tape! I tried, with my far less superior human mind, to interpret her terroristic threat! I ran to get my camera (I had to document the evidence) and all at hit me!

Oh.My.God! She's planning to kidnap my Ginger!!!

The Victim!

In Darkness, Light!



♥Anna♥ said...

I'm a witch too. I'm just 11 suprisingly though. I wondered why my mum never told me about garden witchery.I found one of her books by ellen dugan, read it, and found it all out. Charms, spells the lot. I think maybe it wasn't your say you have children, right? Well, faeries are particularly mischevious when faeries are around.........and who knows if dogs can sense things we can't? I heard somwhere that cats can see spirits. I don't know....I hope this info might help a bit. I would of created a blog on magic by now, but my school friends would think i was maaaad...
Best wishes,
Anna (witch name: Bronwen)

Tracy said...

Merry Meet Anna!

I do have children that are your age, though neither are Witches. I have read Garden Witchery as well. Is your mum a Witch too?

As much as I would enjoy thinking that I might have fairies in the basement, I'm pretty sure it was the dog. She's just as mischevious as the fairies are!

I've heard the same thing about cats. I've also heard that if stand behind your cat and look between it's ears, you will be able to see the same spirits that they do! I haven't been brave enough to try it!

I realized how much I enjoyed Witchcraft when I was just a little younger than you are now.

I appreciate your advice. You are truly a wise Witch!

Bright Blessings,


Carol said...

You made my day!! I was depressed with the weather but after reading "Criminal Minds" I laughed and laughed. I think you are right Daphne was definitely up to getting poor little Ginger. They both are so cute.

I had to show it to Tom and he thought it was so funny. They do little things to one another like Isis and Morris do things on spite.

Good detective work Tracy!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Carol! I used to yell at the kids for leaving their toys on the top of the stairs. They swore that it wasn't them. I finally realized that the toys I was finding there were things they no longer played with.

One night I opened the door to find Daphne with a stuffed animal in her mouth! She's just too funny!

Last night, I told her, "Daphne, I am so blogging this!"

♥Anna♥ said...

thankyou! I am not that a wise witch, but I do love witchcraft.
my mum's a witch, but she does not practice as much as she used to.I sometimes do spells and create my own up in my room, and i have quite a big garden which comes in useful, but its a shame its winter and there are hardly any plants in season.I also liked 'everyday witchcraft' by kirsten riddle, a book of everyday modern spells that do come in useful, have you read it?

♥Anna♥ said...

oh by the way, I've decided i'm going to make a blog on witchraft too, but I'm not sure what to call it. Any suggestions? I was thinking of something like garden of trust, something simple but effective. Please suggest any ideas if some occur to you.
Best wishes,

Tracy said...

Hi Anna,

I love witchcraft too! I don't believe I've read Everyday Witchcraft. I'll have to look for it.

When I was your age, it wasn't as easy to find good books on Witchcraft. There's a book that you might like called, "Pagan Ways" by Gwyddion O'Hara". It's one of my favorites.

I love gardening as well. I am so looking forward to the time when I can begin planting my herbs and flowers again.

As far as a blog on witchcraft is concerned, I think it's a great idea. I must warn you though, at times, being a Witch can take great courage. Not everyone who reads your blog will be respectful of your beliefs. Just be mindful that some people still think all witches are green hags with warts on their noses!

That said, a name that comes to mind for you blog would be "Garden of Enchantment".

I hope that helps!

Bright Blessings

Tracy (Kylia)

P.S. I read about your trip to the Ukraine in your blog. Do you leave here in the US?

♥Anna♥ said...

That's a great idea! I'm making my blog garden of enchantment tommorrow,and I actually Live in England. My mum comes from Ukraine, where she grew up in a very small village where all she could do was basically nature. She learnt her way through the forest, and as Ukraine at that time was full of poverty, she collected mushrooms everyday, and grew up with nature, learning the names of trees and plants. As she grew up, getting herself a job she grew out of her poverty, and moved to england, then got married (to my dad) we now live in a very peaceful town, suprisingly down a private road which still shocks my mum when she looks back at her little house in Ukraine!
Yes, thanks for warning me. I agree, about the green warty-nose thing, whenever we're asked to write a story or a description about witches, it annoys me, when my classmates come up with things like evil spells using dragons horns and blood and skeletons. And i have met some people who beleive in us witches, but simply dimiss the idea of spells working. Either way, I think it would be pleasant to have a blog on the subject, and compliments to your blog as it is really nice, and keep posting as your posts i find really interesting, particularly the 'criminal minds' !

Best Wishes/ Bright blessings as you say!,


Anonymous said...

wonderful and funny story of Daphne, but what really peaked my interest was your besom and cauldron by the hearth, absolutely fabulous! I love them, I haven't found one that size that I can afford, but I am still searching, I found one about half that size that had a hole on the side, got it for a couple of dollars because of it, and my hubby fixed the hole and you would never known that it was there..........wonderful blog by the way!

Tracy said...

Merry Meet Lady Owlthena!

I'm so happy you visited my blog! I actually got my cauldron at a garden center for $30! It's not very big, but it's very heavy. If I recall correctly, the besom comes from the same place. It's was scented with cinnamon. I don't know where you live, but you might want to try some local antique shops as well. I've seen them quite a few times!