Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's only..."Natural"

Merry Meet Family, Friends and Followers. I hope this finds you all in some place that actually isn't raining!!!

I am always amused and I must say, confused, when people refer to me as a "Natural Witch". What does that mean, exactly? If being a Witch means anything at all it should at least begin by being "natural". Wicca, after all, is a nature based religion.

If being a "Natural Witch" means that I don't buy into all the "new agey" or "pseudo-intellectual" crap that some attribute to magick, then I have to agree. Most of what I attribute to "witchery" comes from within and is solely based on my own intuition. It's been part of who I am since I was a kid. That is not to say that I haven't spent countless hours reading, studying and learning everything I can over these past 13 years, only that I am discriminating in what I attribute to actual knowledge. I feel that I have been blessed to have been taught and continue to learn from those that are "Natural Witches"in the truest sense of the word.

That said, there are major differences between possessing wisdom and having facts. You can study as much as want from a million different sources, on a ton of different topics related to Wicca, Witchcraft and the practice of magick, but if little of that knowledge is intuitive, what you have is basically a lot of interesting facts. For me, if something actually works...that's magick. I don't need to research it, do too much planning, or think it to death for it to be successful.

Witchcraft, as it is known today, began with the practices of Shamans, Medicine people, Herbalists, etc. They were the people who's natural talents were experiential, intuitive or passed on by hereditary. Perhaps this is why I have an affinity for the "root" practices, such as Voodoo, Louisiana Hoo Doo and Folk Magick. It's Earthy, it's real and it works! You can't run to Barnes and Noble or Amazon, pick up a few books and call yourself an expert. In fact, true root workers are very particular about with whom they share their they should be.

In her book "Lid Off the Cauldron", Patricia Crowther writes;

"To become a witch you must have a natural inclination to worship the Old Gods. It must be a feeling which springs from the heart and carries you on towards your goal, in exactly the same way it happened to the first witches thousands of years ago."

Ok, well that pretty much says it all for me. And trust me, when you encounter someone who truly fits this description, they couldn't conceal that "natural inclination" if they wanted to.

So what do you say to someone who refers to you as a "Natural Witch?"

That's simple...

"as opposed to?" }:)

In Darkness, Light!!!


"You're a Witch!!!! They were right!!!!"

"They usually are." ~ "The Craft"


spottedwolf said...

silly witch....I knew this aboot yoo all along....grin snicker LOL

Tracy said...

spottedwolf said...
silly witch....I knew this aboot yoo all along....grin snicker LOL

June 17, 2009 1:23 PM

And you too :)

carol said...

Now your talking Magick! love that Voodoo and Folk Magic!

Tracy said...

carol said...
Now your talking Magick! love that Voodoo and Folk Magic!

June 17, 2009 2:07 PM

In the truest sense of the word!!!!

Check out Voodoo Child's blog. As I've mentioned to her probably more times than she can count, I LOVE her blog! She follows this blog.

ARIE said...

I love this song...
"I hear a call from far away.
I'll follow where it leads,
No matter how hard the way."
If I remember it well...

Summer Solstice Blessings.


Tracy said...

MidSummer Blessings to you too, Arie!

voodoo child said...

tracy i was getting ready to comment on this great entry of yours before and then i saw your sweet comment about my blog! again, thank you so much for the praise :)

i think its a wonderful thing to be a natural witch. to me, that's what je ne sais quois really is ;) being married to a natural witch is really very interesting. he is so inherently powerful but also so sensitive to energies. i always trust his feelings. before we moved into our present home he would have headaches and nausea whenever we visited the empty property. before we moved in we performed a tibetan house cleansing together and afterwards he felt so much better. i can only guess the troubles we may have encountered if he wasn't a medium to such things!

Tracy said...

A natural Witch and a Voodoo Priestess????

You're home must be an interesting place, to say the very least!!!

There is a lot to be said for ritual cleansings. I am sensitive to energies as well and when I feel any sense of unease, I like to use Dragon's Blood incense for cleansing. The atmosphere immediately lightens when I'm through.

wylde otse said...

Healers from ancient times on, have known of the healing power of plants.

Nature itself, Gaia *herself*, to those so attuned, is what brings us all back to the perfection of health, or balanced being.

I am re-reading, Terence McKenna's
"Food of the Gods" of the wonderful insight books, that rings and chimes of earth-truth. Shamans open doors of eternity.

Thank you, Tracy, (and the other healers, who stop by here)...for sharing your greatest gift: You.