Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of These is Not Like the Other!

Happy Weekend Family, Friends and Followers!!!

So, after Autumn's passing (the cat, not the season) I half-heartedly promised myself that I wouldn't replace her. And while I don't believe I could ever replace Autumn, I always knew that I had the love in my heart to share with another little soul.

To that end, may I present...

Lady Persephone!

I'm finding that when she doesn't want to be brushed she likes to pretend to be something else. Ya know, just in case I might not notice!

In Darkness, Light!



Carol said...

I am glad that you did.

At least you gave another little soul a beautiful home!

I had a cat for 16 years and said that I couldn't do the pain anymore but I now have two more!!

By the way, she is beautiful!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks, Carol!

She was actually a rescue. Apparently the owners had a house full of pure bred Himalayans that they allowed to breed over and over. She was one of a litter of 4 and her mother is actually pregnant again.

I'm sure they were being loved, but they were also horribly neglected. I thought I might have to shave her because her coat was so tangled, but she actually wasn't too bad. She likes to be brushed and let me groom her for hours!

And is much as Ray would rather have eatten dirt then get another cat, he really likes her!

greekwitch said...

She is so beautiful! She got up there by herself?? How cool is that?Be careful .. do not mix her with your milk!

Tracy said...


Yeah, that's an antique cupboard we have in the kitchen. She decided she likes it there. I decided that being amongst the cereal wasn't a good idea.

I opened a window for her and put her up on the windowsill. She can look at the birds and the bugs. She likes it a whole lot better than the cereal!

jaz said...

i laughed so hard when i saw this pic. one morning after my kids left for school my cat mischief went missing. my cats were always indoor cats so this was very unusual. i looked everywhere. i had workmen at the house and finally i assumed one of them must have let her out. so, with the help of the workmen we started combing the neighborhood. we walked up and down the streets, hit all the alley ways, walked up driveways and into peoples mischief. it came closer and closer to the time i had to pick my kids up from school and i dreaded having to tell them misch was lost. i always took a snack to give to my kids after school and it just so happened that i kept the snacks in the same cabinet as the cereal. running late and after searching for misch for 6 hours, i ran to the snack cabinet to grab some before leaving to pick the kids up and breaking the bad news. i opened the cabinet to find misch curled up in a ball and sound asleep on a snuggly pillow of mini shredded wheats. what is it with these kitties and cereal?

Krissy Laine said...

Your new kitty is so pretty! :)

And blessed be the soul of the one you lost... She will find you again when you're in need. :)


Tracy said...

Hi Jaz!

It's amazing how something so little and cute can make you so crazy!

Oh wait, our kids do that too!

Never mind }:)

Tracy said...

Hi Krissy,

Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my journal.

I think Autumn sent another little angel to share my life with because she knew how much I missed her!

wylde otse said...

Ok, so one is different? hmmm.
This is some kind of test, right?

well, they've all got some blue...


I give me again o\/o

spottedwolf said...

Hey......Fat Freddy's cat's favorite meal..."Kitty Krunchies"

Anonymous said...

Aahhh a sweet Himalayan cutie pie. Tracy, I wish I could adopt her from you. My cat days are over with due to Mr. Six year old's allergies. (Though Big Daddy has done wonders with his herbal/diet changes for Mr. O)(lol) What a treasure she is.

Noelle said...

Congrats on the new addition...I'm sorry about Autumn and I agree I think she sent Persephone to you. :) She's beautiful.