Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Season Is It?

Merry Meet Family, Friends and Followers!

This is what the weather was like here in New Jersey yesterday. Seriously.

They had to take the plows out of Summer storage to clear the roads.

So much for, like, Global Warming.

In Darkness, Light!



Anonymous said...

Holy S_!
And I thought Northeastern hailstorms were nothing after moving to TX and comparing them to tornado-associated hail here! Think again.

Gotta love the hail-shoveling kids in shorts and T-shirts, too!

Sorry that Mother Nature gave y'all a whuppin'

Luv Ya,

Tracy said...

Pretty Cool, huh?

spottedwolf said...

Double Holleeeee molleeee!!!!who hit the "hail yes" button!?!??!!

Tracy said...

Don't know Dennis, but I hope they don't plan on doing it for the rest of the Summer!!!