Sunday, July 12, 2009

That's The Spirit!

Merry Meet and Greetings Again, Family and Friends!

So, since I began practicing Reiki, I've learned quite a bit about working with "Spirit Guides". Our spirit guides are those disincarnate beings who provide other worldly assistance when we need it. They are not the same as having a Guardian Angel, because apparently, one's Guardian Angel is a separate entity. Who knew?!

Given the nature of spirits, I wanted to learn as much as possible about them, generally speaking, if we were going to have a close working relationship. I went in search of some good books on the subject, but the selection at the local Borders was pitiful. I finally settled on a book, but realized shortly after I began reading, that I'd have to take this author's expertise with a grain of salt. That said, I'm not sure that any mere mortal can have actual "expertise" in this area? Seriously.

I did come across one thing, however, that gave me some significant food for thought. The author suggested not calling upon your departed loved ones when you are of need of assistance with Earthly matters. Hmmmm....why, I wondered?

She went on to explain that after death, we retain the same personalities we had in life and if we shared personality conflicts before, in all likelihood, those things haven't really changed all that much on the other side. Oh now that's a friggin' scary thought!!!

So, wait, does that mean that my sister has the same degree of sibling rivalry she had when she was alive? Is my Mother destined to piss me off for all eternity. And what about my Aunt Ann? The woman gave new meaning to the word, "Bitch!" Oh yeah, I went there!

Then I recalled that a year or so ago, my husband and I had wandered into a dusty little bookshop run by a woman who was a Medium. She and I were chatting when suddenly she stopped speaking, looked at me and asked that I follow her to the back of the store. I found this a little...unnerving, but I went anyway. Once there, she gave me an impromptu reading in which she brought through my Mom. My mother was a tiny woman with a very raspy voice that made her sound much more intimidating than her 4'11 inch, 90 lb. frame.

The Medium told me so many things about my family that she couldn't have possibly known! If that wasn't enough to freak me out, she then said, in an imitation of my Mother's voice that was so eerily accurate it made my blood run cold, "Your Mother says, "He's still a pain in the ass". I glanced over at my husband who was near by browsing through the books and asked, "Who, Ray?" (Sorry, Ray...I was, you know, guessing). "No, the woman said, "your father!" Ok, well that was it for me! No one else would have said this but my Mother!

Yes, to my great dismay, expertise or not, I had to admit that what the author had written made perfect sense, on so many levels. Some people will continue to be a pain in the ass, even in death!!! Now there's a comforting thought, isn't it? And here I thought we got all "enlightened" and shit!!!

In Darkness, Light!



Deborah said...

We learn in death, just as we learn in life; gradually.

Your mother may be slower than most. ;)

Tracy said...

Your mother may be slower than most. ;)

Ya think? She was married to the same man for 36 years before she realized it wasn't working.

If he's still a pain in the ass, apparently they're still together on the other side!

greekwitch said...

Haha! They should go for councelling!

Tracy said...

greekwitch said...
Haha! They should go for councelling!

Yeah, Spiritual Counseling! }:)

Voodoo Child at PassionRituals said...

i've been meaning to ask if you are on paganspace or twitter! let me know!

Tracy said...

Voodoo Child at PassionRituals said...
i've been meaning to ask if you are on paganspace or twitter! let me know!

July 16, 2009 7:04 PM

I'm not "tweeting", I'm on Facebook and My Paganspace is pending.

Click here: Facebook | Tracy Frasche

I've been thinking of you!!!

spottedwolf said...

Dimensions are dimensions sugrrr....

life is a transferable illusion....

I had a ghost of a child in my home for almost 20 years till she accepted her past and changed her illusion..she came back once to thank me.....another channel spotted her one day and asked me why I wouldn't talk to her. I told her to quit gushing gratitude....

It is of worthy note that you don't need spirit just want some to play little witchypoo.....

Tracy said...

It is of worthy note that you don't need spirit just want some to play little witchypoo.....

July 17, 2009 2:48 AM

Well, they are fun!

ARIE said...

Family members who have taken the journey across the sunless sea to the Isle of the West, the Isle of Apples, become our Ancestors.
We can call them for guidance, inspiration and support.
Ancestors become our guides and protectors.
They may take new personalities and inhabit new bodies, but their Deep Selves are timeless.
They can offer protection, guidance in the form of inspiration, deep knowledge and help in aquiring skills they may have had.
We can make offerings thereby giving energy to the death.
At Samhain I meet my ancestors and I have experienced a lot of mutual healing.
For when we travel between the worlds, we can change all the worlds. And in both our worlds healing can occur.
My tradition takes a guided trance journey in the Spiral Dance Ritual.
You see it in this video:



Rue said...

I met my Reiki guide during my level 3 class when my teacher led us through a meditation. I was NOT thinking that I would meet anyone - and when I did, I kept thinking "this can't be right...I don't want a guy!" Giggle. What did I know?! It's only been a few months, but my guide has already been a great companion to me in my Reiki practice as well as my Path. Do let us know how it goes with your own Guides! Blessings!