Monday, August 10, 2009

Strange Days Indeed!

Merry Meet and Happy Monday Family and Friends!

So last night I didn't sleep well at all. Just as had begun to fall asleep, I began to hear the faint rumble of thunder in the distance. "Oh that's just great!", I thought to myself. My dogs are terrified of storms and become very restless during them. Usually all four dogs will either huddle under my bed or pace around the room panting and whining until the storm passes. This storm was odd in that the thunder began a couple of hours before it developed into anything significant. I finally fell asleep somewhere close to 2 a.m.

It didn't occur to me until I looked at the clock this morning that, "Oh crap! It's Monday!". I had overslept and now would get a late start getting ready for work. For the next hour so, I rushed about and finally realizing that, since there was no way I was ever going to get to work on time, I might as well be really late. I decided to walk.

I enjoy walking to work. I listen to the birds sing, connect with the elements and just lose myself in thought. I find that by the time I arrive at my office, things don't appear to suck quite as much as I originally thought! Besides, stressed out and pissed off is never a good way to start the day!

I had just turned my first corner, when I noticed three men in dark suits standing in front of a small church near our home. "Church services? On a Monday morning?", I wondered. Then I noticed a hearse parked at the curb. This, in retrospect, seemed appropriate given the way the day began.

The men were chatting directly in the center of the sidewalk where I needed to pass, which was vaguely awkward. I felt it would be rude not to acknowledge them, but what was I supposed to say? "Good Morning" didn't really feel appropriate under the circumstances.

As I passed by the hearse, I got a decidedly creepy feeling. Then, as I approached the men, as if choreographed, they all stepped aside to let me pass by and in unison said, "Good Morning!". Ok, so perhaps it was the lack of sleep or the weirdness of the situation, but at that moment, I just found this all really friggin' amusing. "Apparently not for some of us", I responded before I could stop myself. Oooops! Outside voice!

Thankfully almost all of us found it amusing!

In Darkness, Light!



Hibiscus Moon said...

Tha's so nice that you get to walk to work. Weird occurances and all. ;) I wish I was close enough.

VintageSage said...

Strange morning, indeed! A message from beyond, perhaps? :) Gosh, wish I could walk to work too!


Michelle (aka Vintage Sage) :)

Tracy said...

Hi Michelle,

I find that people in the Funeral profession usually have a weirdest senses of humor, much like my own! I was really happy they found what I said..humorous! Obviously, I would never say such a thing to the grieving family!

It's actually about a 3 mile walk round trip to my office. If I know I won't have time to work out at the gym that day, it's a great way to exercise...and stay sane! Well, almost!!! :)

spottedwolf said...

Wonder 'who' whispered the response to you a split second before you said it??? Heh heh heh................

Tracy said...

spottedwolf said...
Wonder 'who' whispered the response to you a split second before you said it??? Heh heh heh................

Oooooh, I never thought of that!!!

wylde otse said...

this is funny