Monday, November 9, 2009

When the Student is Ready...

"the teacher appears"

Merry Meet and Good Evening Family and Friends!

A few nights ago, I had a strange dream, as most dreams often are. I dreamt there was a HUGE Praying Mantis walking across my living room floor. I said it was strange!! But wait..this was no ordinary Praying Mantis. I'm sure most Praying Mantises don't consider themselves ordinary at all, but this friends, was a Praying Mantis of a different color! Most Praying Mantises are green or brown. Not mine. No, mine was an 8 inch long, fluorescent violet and pink Praying Mantis!

I couldn't begin to imagine where this dream came from! I haven't been watching TV of late. No National Geographics or Animal Planet. I don't recall any recent lively discussions about Praying Mantises and I haven't seen one since I was a kid.

In this dream, I remembered thinking that it was very important that I catch the Praying Mantis and put it outside where it would be safe from harm. I grabbed a paper napkin hoping it would climb on, as I've done countless times with other insects that have wandered in uninvited. Despite my efforts, it climbed out of my hand and disappeared somewhere! :::cringe:::

This dream haunted me throughout the day. Each time it would slip back into the recesses of my memory, I'd find myself revisiting this freaky little mystical creature! I couldn't help but feel that there was something I needed to learn from it, so I did what any self-respecting Witch would do..I "Googled" Praying Mantis!

What I found in the following description was surprisingly relevant in more ways than I could imagine.

"The Power of Stillness"

The Praying Mantis teaches how to still the outer mind and go within ourselves.

Through this, we can draw upon greater power --
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

That stillness can be simple contemplation or meditation or even dreaming.

Healers often have Praying Mantis totems -- for they use
their inner stillness to focus their healing power.

The greatest lesson this totem teaches is patience.
Learning to wait for the right moment before striking.

As some of you know, my husband is recovering from fairly extensive surgery. It has been a stressful time when my focus has been drawn away from my inner stillness and into his healing. Despite the fact that I have found little time to quiet my mind, it has also been a time of stunning manifestaton and psychic awareness.

As I sat on the deck today, meditating and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather, I realized it would probably be one of the last we'll see like it this year..and that's ok. For the first time, I'm actually looking forward to Winter's stillness and the return to a journey within. Who knows, perhaps in the Spring...I'll emerge with all the wisdom the Praying Mantis was sent to teach me!

In Darkess, Light!


Praying Mantis-Power of Stillness courtesy of


SeeThroughGreen said...

I aways feel so happy when I hear that people are listening to what happens inside them as well as outside... I always think things like dreams and chance meetings and all the like happen for a reason...we just have to sort out for ourselves which ones to listen too. I hope you find your inner stillness and I really hope that your husband gets well soon!
Peace and happy winter


Blessings Emerald!

I've heard so many sides of the argument about whether things happen for a reason or not. Personally speaking, there have been few times when something has happened, both good and bad, that I haven't been able to look back and find the lesson in it. At times, I believe, the lesson may not be ours to learn, so we don't recognize it. I've learn quite a bit just by witnessing the experiences of others.

Thank you for your kind words. My husband is doing very well! His only problem is an impatience with the healing process. Men are the worst patients!

Happy Winter to you too!

ARIE said...

May your husband make a fast recovery.
Normally after surgery it is good to start walking gradually. Movement is very important.
The praying Mantis is my favorite insect. It appears to me whenever I need to slow down.
My garden is also full of them (the green kind) and enjoy the bush of passion fruit surrounding my fence.
When I have such powerfull dreams and I still need more information to get it all together, I trance back into that dream.
I believe that there is much more than just stillness.

Tracy ~The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Thank you very much, Arie.

And I do believe you are correct!