Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wine and...Spirits?

Merry Meet and Happy Wednesday Family and Friends!

So, every morning (ok, I'm lying), almost every morning, I leave a few simple offerings in the form of wine or mead, incense and flowers to the Elemental Guardians.  Elemental Guardians are primal in nature and will behave in whatever manner they see fit with little regard to those of us who seek a harmonious relationship with them.  They can often be mischievous and wrathful and considering the damage we have inflicted upon their home, who wouldn't be?!

So, I leave these offerings as a sign of mutual respect and in hopes that it will avoid them attempting to burn or blow down my house, mudslides or avalanches (not likely in New Jersey, but ya never can be too careful) or slipping on dog pee in the middle of the night!  Note to the Undines: Not Funny!!!!

I must confess, I was beginning to wonder if the Elemental Spirits really gave a rat's ass that I was making the effort, but then two mornings ago, as I was about to go outside to leave my daily offerings, I noticed something strange in the cup of mead I'd left the day before.   There seemed to be a small, bright light shining from inside the cup!  At first, I thought I was imagining things. Surely, my eyes were playing tricks on me!

I stepped outside thinking that perhaps this light was the reflection of the sun rising over the house, but that wasn't it.  The day was cloudy and overcast. I looked around to see if perhaps the light was coming from inside our house or perhaps from our neighbor's porchlight, but that wasn't it either!  As I got closer to the glass, the light faded, but when I returned to the house, it reappeared! I grabbed my camera, fully expecting that when I attempted to get a picture of this strange phenomenon it would disappear, but it didn't!

I really don't know what to make of it, but perhaps it was the Elementals way of saying "Thanks" and "Sorry about the dog pee!

In Darkness, Light!!!



greekwitch said...

That picture is amazing.
Once i was in the middle of an appointment with a client that is also a dear friend and we both so a small light right nextto us rising into the air and then disappear. I was so excited. I still have no idea what it was, but i know it was something magickal.
I am sorry about the dog pee. Trust me i know what you mean.
brightest blessings.

Tracy said...

Strange, isn't it?

I've been thinking of you, Georgina. How is your Dad doing?



ARIE said...

Maybe the fairies?
They like to play and have fun.

ARIE said...

I also believe that living constantly in harmony with nature protects one from disasters.
It is possible then to get pre-advice to things about to happen.
The birds and the trees can tell you a lot.

Rue said...

That's really neat! You never know who (or what) is paying attention. Great that you got a pic!

Tracy said...

I agree Rue and Arie! I read somewhere that when you begin practicing magick, a bell goes off in the astral realms and your brought to the attention of ALL it's inhabitants. Considering some of their personalties, I believe in having as mutually respectful a relationship with these beings as possible!