Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing You....

Beloved Family and Friends,

I bet you think I'm going to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Yule or Joyous Kwanzaa or a Happy Festivus!  I'm sure by now, whatever tradition you celebrate, you've already been blessed and wished upon more times than you can count. Yet, I do...wish you all of those things. 

But, just as I stepped out into the cool, crisp night air I looked up to see a beautiful shining crescent moon and thought, "Such a miracle".

So here is my wish...

On this night, I wish you all a miracle.

So mote it be!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I think I can safely say, I've been good all year. Yes, I do realize that "good" is a subjective term. And I must confess, I've certainly stretched the term beyond all reasonable definition in the past.

I'm sure there are those that would say, as a practicing Witch, I have not been good at all! That's ok, I have a suggestion as to where they might strategically place their Christmas trees.

I haven't compiled a Christmas list so don't worry, this isn't going to take very much of your time. There is very little I actually want. I believe that I received my greatest gift back in September with my husband's benign diagnosis and successful surgery. So, I guess you're wondering, Dear Santa, "Why is she writing? Surely she knows I have enough to do already! Pesky Witch!"

I know your busy, so I'll get right to the point. This year, Dear Santa, has seen too many people that I love and those loved by others, being diagnosed with cancer. Yes, I know, you don't have to be bad or good all year to get cancer. It isn't very selective. If someone isn't touched by it personally, certainly, someone you know has been. It sucks! Ooooops, sorry Santa! Outside voice!

I know what you're thinking, Santa. "Oh No! The Witch better not even think of asking for a cure for cancer!"

Well Santa, here's the way I see it. If you can get into that sleigh every year, driven by 8 "flying" reindeer, squeeze your ass down countless chimneys, spreading tidings of comfort and joy, you better friggin' believe I'm asking!

Oh yeah, I went there!

Hey Santa, cut me a break, ok? Perhaps you can check in with whomever gave those poor reindeer the power to schlep your big ass around the World for years! Nice trick, but I'm not easily impressed! So, Dear Santa, see what you can do, ok? There are a lot of people counting on you!

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation!

Tracy a.k.a. "That Pesky Witch"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shadow of the Mother

Photo courtesy of Tracy Frasche

You are here...

Yet, hidden

Foot falls beside me

Upon the rich Earth

Filling my senses

Dark Mother

Tis' your presence

That guides me...

Tracy Frasche - 12-19-09

Friday, December 18, 2009

What Lies Within?

Deep, deep
Search your soul..
Is there really depth there?
Or a surface so fragile
So easily broken

Shallow, shallow
Waters of your ego
Behind a mask
Drenched with tears
Hides a frightened child

Tread, Tread
Currents carry you
To places you seek strength
Merely an Illusion
Wasted time
What you seek, lies within

Tracy Frasche ~ 12/18/09

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Her Royal Catness!

I haz to takez the picture, Mom! ~ Lady Ember

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not To Be...Forgotten

Merry Meet Once Again, Family and Friends!

So, I must admit, that I've been laying back quite a bit lately.  What I mean is, I've been more focused on those things that are most important and enjoyable.  Spending time with my family and friends, reading, practicing, dancing, catching up on Facebook.  I have found myself taking time just being thankful for my blessings and to take life a little less seriously.  This is not necessarily a bad thing at all, as it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with the those people and parts of myself that are really important.

I was walking by my altar before work yesterday morning and realized that there was one thing I had forgotten to do.  It had been quite a while since I'd honored my patroness, Hecate.  I usually make it a point of leaving fresh flowers, wine or mead and candles as a sign of my devotion to her.  The last wine I'd left had almost run dry and I made a mental note to remedy this as soon as possible.

I have personally found that Hecate is not the type of Deity that one works with casually.  She doesn't seem to appreciate an "as needed" relationship.  I don't merely work with Hecate, I am oathbound by blood to her.  My own. 

Last night after dinner, as I sat by the fireplace reading, I remembered my promise to her from that morning.  I stopped what I was doing and headed upstairs to retrieve my altar chalice.  On the way however, I was distracted by a conversation with my son and afterward couldn't remember, for the life of me, what it was that I had gotten up to do!  Don't ya just hate that!!!  "What was it I was doing?", I asked myself.  I knew it was something important, but I couldn't remember what.  Then it hit me!  "Holy crap!", feeling guilty that I'd forgotten.  "She is not going to be happy!"

I rushed upstairs to get the chalice and then went out onto our deck to spill what remained of the wine back to the Earth.  "A Gift for a Gift".  Just as I leaned over the deck, I caught the leg of my pants on the branch of a climbing wild rose bush.  The sharp thorn pierced the fabric, tearing my flesh!  My first words (no they didn't begin with "Mother") were, "Yeah, I get it!", acknowledging that there is and always will be, a price to pay for her Wisdom, and that she generously shares her blessings with those who honor her.

I went back into the house and looked down to see a rich crimson stain was now seeping through my pant leg. I lifted the fabric to survey the damage and found that blood was now trickling down my leg and onto my freshly scrubbed kitchen floor!!! I guessed I'd probably survive and rather than let this distract me from the task at hand, I began filling the chalice with red wine.  I whispered my words of heartfelt gratitude, held the cup against my bare skin, then watched as my own life's blood mixed with my offering to the Dark Mother.  "A Gift for a Gift".

In Darkness, Light!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now Ya See Em'

Merry Meet and Almost Yuletide Greetings Family and Friends!

Ok, so yesterday  I'd left a little incense offering for the Elemental Guardians.  

As I watched the smoke swirling into interesting little patterns, I decided to see if I could catch them on camera.  I took a few shots, but wasn't really impressed with any of them.  As I browsed the images, I decided to enlarge the frames to see if enhancing them would reveal anything interesting.  I may have.

See if you can spot the little faces in the swirls of smoke.  There are two near the top of the photo, one above the other.  One seems to be glancing downward, the other staring straight ahead.

I showed the photo to Ray, my husband and creative consultant and he was able to pick the first one out right away.  "Yep", he said, "they really are in there aren't they". 

So let me know what you think or if...

In Darkness, Light!!!