Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now Ya See Em'

Merry Meet and Almost Yuletide Greetings Family and Friends!

Ok, so yesterday  I'd left a little incense offering for the Elemental Guardians.  

As I watched the smoke swirling into interesting little patterns, I decided to see if I could catch them on camera.  I took a few shots, but wasn't really impressed with any of them.  As I browsed the images, I decided to enlarge the frames to see if enhancing them would reveal anything interesting.  I may have.

See if you can spot the little faces in the swirls of smoke.  There are two near the top of the photo, one above the other.  One seems to be glancing downward, the other staring straight ahead.

I showed the photo to Ray, my husband and creative consultant and he was able to pick the first one out right away.  "Yep", he said, "they really are in there aren't they". 

So let me know what you think or if...

In Darkness, Light!!!



greekwitch said...

At the beginning i could n't see them. I tried tilting my head changing view point and nothing. And then, when i read where i should look i saw them. Yeih! Brightest blessings!

Tracy said...

My daughter said they look "evil", but I think they look exactly what I'd expect an Elemental to look like...mischievous!

Stella Seaspirit said...

I see them! Yes mischievous as expected ;-) Bright Blessings*

Rue said...

I see them in the top/middle of the photo. Definitely a knowing smile on the one!

ARIE said...

I can see more than two.
It's just a question of looking without focus. Owls eyes.
Amazing what can be done with a camera.
The spirits of fire.
The question is, if you would have seen them with your naked eye? Or maybe felt their presence?

Tracy said...

Hi Arie,

I never have a problem feeling their presence. I actually took the photo with a telephoto lens.

They are pretty amazing though and what's even more impressive actually, is that so many of you can see them too! I would have worried if it was only me!

ARIE said...

Can you see them here?

That's part of a Firewalk ritual.


Tracy said...

Thanks Arie!

I love this! I would love to do this here in our backyard, but my neighbors are already fairly convinced we're insane :)

ARIE said...

Hi Tracy,
Speaking of your neighbours...
There is an ancient Dervish Sufi story. I'm cutting it short. It goes more or less like this:
One day their God told the inhabitants of a village, that at a certain day the waters would stop flowing and that people should gather water before this happens. Because when the waters return, whoever drinks from them gets crazy.
Only one person took this seriously and started accumulating water in a big container.
When the waters stopped flowing and then returned, all the persons in the village drank from the new waters and became completly nuts.
Only the one that followed his God's advice, stayed sane as he continued driking from the old water. The days passed and at the village all the inhabitants considered him as crazy, laughed at him and made jokes.
After many days, months and maybe years he got so lonely that he decided to drink from the new water also.
All the inhabitants now welcomed him as someone who was crazy and became normal again.

Well, I will never stop drinking from the waters of the Goddess. Because I will never be alone. Because the Goddess dwels within me and all around me.


Tracy said...

I love that story, Arie!

I'm certain that there are those that read my blog and wonder if I'd been drinking the water! And that's fine. I'm also certain that, of those who question my sanity, none would have the courage to walk this path. I think that's the saddest part of all, because in closing their minds to the possibilities, they also lose the ability to see the magick in everything around them.