Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mew Beginnings!

Merry Meet and Happy New Beginnings,  Family and Friends!

As some you may know, my husband has had a long standing moratorium on my getting any more pets, which I have made a long standing committment to ignore.

So, it was the first Sunday after the New Year and after spending the better part of the weekend indoors making Yule/Christmas go away, I needed to get out of the house. As much as it was a relief having the stress of the holidays behind me, they were indeed wonderful and I found it all quite depressing.

My husband had promised to take our daughter, Kyla, to get a new video game and I thought I would...ya know, just tag along.  Seriously, for reasons that are only clear to me now, I felt an overwhelming need to visit Petco.  For those of you who don't have a Petco where you live, imagine a supermarket exclusively for pets and you'll know what I mean.  The other thing Petco offers is pet adoptions!

As my husband and daughter made there way towards the video store, I casually said, "I'm just going to go over to Petco", all the while knowing that I had an ulterior motive.  I walked into the store and there was the rescue agency, "Felines in Need" set up with rows of cages with cats and kittens waiting to be adopted.  Almost against my will, I was drawn to the last cage and there was a beautiful black long haired kitten with golden eyes.  She was...exquisite!

And yet, it wasn't only her beauty that I was struck by.  Her eyes told the story of a spirit that had been broken.  Despite the fact that she had obviously been well cared for, she appeared dejected!  The adoption agent explained that it was her first time being shown and that she was probably just stressed.

I didn't care what the reason.  At that moment, I made a promise that she would never feel that way again.

I took a picture and sent it to my daughter's cellphone with a note that said, "Come see the new baby! Don't tell Dad!!!".  Then I asked the adoption agent if I could fill out an application.  I was feverishly filling out the paper work when I noticed my husband and daughter walking towards the store!

My husband immediately walked over and demanded, "What are you doing?'.  "Nothing", I answered, not very convincingly, but with that "deer in the head lights" expression just for effect.  "We're not getting another cat!", Ray said.   "I know. I'm not getting her, I'm just filling out an application", I replied.  Isn't she cute?,  I asked.   "Yeah, she's cute. Are you out of your mind?", he asked, seriously.  For the love of nerve! He's asked me that more times than I can count! You would think after 23 years he'd know the answer by now!  "We're not getting another cat!", he repeated.  I nodded in agreement....just for effect.  I finished writing and the adoption agent told me she'd check my references and let me know by the end of the week if we would be approved for the adoption.

For the better part of the week Ray kept insisting that we were not going to get another cat.  On Wednesday last, the adoption agent phoned to tell us they had made their decision and I broke the joyful news to Ray.

May I present....

Lady Musette!!!

By the way, Musette has only been with us for a few days and my husband has told me every day how cute she is! 

Ahhhh....it's good to be right!

In Darkness, Light!



Dana said...

She really is adorable!

My husband and I have the same conversation all the time. I take in stray cats. Most of them I keep long enough to nurse back to health, spay/neuter and get them their shots (when we can afford to) then rehome. Some stay.

The only reason we don't have at least three cats right now is because we're in an apartment that only allows one pet. I had to give two cats away in order to be allowed to move here.

carol said...

OMG she is sooooooooooadorable!

Many blessings to you for your love and care of animals.

Tracy said...

Guys, not only is she the cutest thing, she has the best personality! I took a real chance adopting her because she didn't seem overly friendly when I saw her in the cage.

Despite my husband's complaining, we're all happy we took the risk. She's awesome!

Felicitas said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your new addition!

Rue said...

She is perfect! And seems to be right at home already! Oh gods, I'd have 13 cats if I could. I suppose it's good that my snooty female kitty only tolerates her brother, otherwise I'd be bringing more home every day!

Blessings to you and your new furry family member!

Tracy said...

Rue, she seemed at home from the day after we brought her home! She's taking over the place!!! Last night, she was climbing all over me, rubbing her little nose on me and kissing my face! I'm smitten!!!!

SHI said...

Congratulations on your newest family member...she is absolutely adorable!

My husband says the exact same thing, and with 3 cats and 2 great danes our house is full of furry loveliness, but there's always room for more right?? LOL Though deep down my husband knows that if an animal calls to me it'll quickly become a new addition no matter how hard he resists :)

~Bright Blessings

Tracy said...

Hi Shi,

We're actually down to 4 dogs and 3cats, from 4 dogs, 5 cats and 4 ferrets. As much as I loved them, the ferrets were by far the messiest of all of our pets.

I think we're good for now, but I probably shouldn't have let those words escape my lips :)

By the way, I absolutely love Great Danes and yes, there is always room for one more!

Stella Seaspirit said...

She is so darling! Wishing you many shared moments of happiness with her*