Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty and the Blizzard

Merry Meet Family and Friends!

So, we're currently in the throes of a blizzard! There's about a foot on the ground and counting. This morning, I was looking out the window watching the snow fall, thankful that I had filled the bird feeder the day before. I worry about the birdies managing to find food in this weather!

As the snow was falling at it's heaviest, I spotted a beautiful little guest eying up the feeder and I grabbed my camera to see if he would allow me a photo op. Just thought I'd share!

Cheerfully Anticipating Spring!!!



greekwitch said...

I love the snowy pentagram wind chime. Stay warm and dry. Brightest blessings, love and lots of light!

Tracy said...

Thank you! I hope this finds you well and warm!

Rue said...

Be warm and safe! So many people are getting this dump of snow!

Hugs to you for feeding the birdies - too hard to find food in all that snow. We feed the ground birds here (quail) but the deer have discovered the seed and help themselves too! Now I have to buy twice the amount of seed!

Tracy said...

Hi Rue,

I feed the other little critters too. My husband keeps wondering what's happened to the shredded wheat. I've been throwing a little to the squirrels! Squirrels need love too!

Thanks for the hugs!

ARIE said...

What message did this bird bring to you?

Tracy said...

Find beauty in even the worst situations!

Nicole said...

That's a great shot of the bright red bird (cardinal?) against the black and white branches and snow. Thanks for thinking of the winged ones.
Nice message, too, finding beauty in bad situations. It also reminds me there is life in death.
Stay warm and dry!

SeeThroughGreen said...

Oh im sure they will be fine! The little things usually are unless theres a snap freez...and with people out there taking care of them they get everything they need!

Felicitas said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys are getting - that's usually the situation here in Ontario. But we've received next to nothing.

Your photo of the little cardinal is precious! And bless you for feeding your husband's shredded wheat to the squirrels! I'm sure they appreciate it!

spottedwolf said...

Pack those toes and pinkies in wool my dear.....and be spare when applying blush.

Hot damn I love my wood heat !! You guys got the 'Abominable's share' this year....and welcome to it !

Stay warm and dry Trace.....careful of step as you move about !!

A. Wolf said...

Oh my, such pretty pictures. I hope you were able to keep warm!