Monday, March 1, 2010

Life Begins Anew!

Merry Meet and Happy March Family and Friends!

This evening as I was leaving work, I was struck by how chilly it was. I know that shouldn't come as any great surprise with February just coming to a close, but stepping out into the bright sunlight and seeing the snow melting all around me...I expected something more. I expected warmth! I expected...Spring!

I snuggled into my car seat and cranked the heat up to 80 degrees! At least, it would be Summer in my Volvo!

I arrived at my doorstep a few minutes later and as I shivered, fumbling with my key in the lock, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I thought that surely it was my imagination playing tricks on me. I walked back down the steps and there, to my absolute amazement, I found crocus pushing their way up through the melting snow!

::::Doing Lil' Pagan Dance O' Joy::::::

Happy New Beginnings!

In Darkness, Light!



Rue said...

Isn't that the best kind of treat? I love seeing Spring show it's lovely face, bit by bit! I bumped into a lilac bush the other day, and looked up all flusterd and bothered, only to see a tiny bit of green as the buds are starting to crack their hard, brown shells. Bliss!

carol said...



carol said...



Mother's Moon's Message said...

love to see those first signs of spring peeking through the earth... Right now my yellow crocus are everywhere... just lovely

ARIE said...

Well Tracy, you are blessed.
Is it the first time they appear in you garden? Or have you always had them? Many or few?

I've already posted this on Beth's blog and will post it here also:

As I like to learn all aspects of an herb, I can say you can also eat the buds. (Don't if it is a protected species in your area and follow the 10% rule). But you have to cook or roast them on burning coal.
Don’t eat them fresh!!!!! :-))
Here it is a protected plant.
As a matter of fact it is possible to live only on herbs, leaves, flowers, nuts, wild fruit and roots in the wild. If we ever come to that...
(I'm writing about this because one of my hobbies is feral hiking and eating wild leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and fruits.)
It has also various healing properties.
You can drink the spice (Saffron) mixed with milk and honey. For liver problems.
You can drink a tea for colds.
You can make a paste and put it on bleeding wounds.
And much more…
In the middle ages it was used as a love potion.
It has also many magical uses.

But always be 100% sure you recognize the right herb. Similarities do exist. It is very similar to another herb which name I can't remember just now.


SeeThroughGreen said...

oh my goodness! that just made me smile! we got pounded with snow and ice here yesterday and the onlything green and fresh around here is the pines lol!
Im so glad spring is coming to ya!
happy March!

Tracy said...

We've had so much snow here this Winter. Two storms in a row brought a foot of snow each time. They are predicting more bad weather this week.

Those little buds were a definitely a welcome sight!

Arie, thank you so much for the interesting information.

I have a friend who made a dessert of various kinds "sugared" flowers. It was amazing! Rose petals, violets, etc., all covered with sugar! It was delightful and so lovely!

Maggi said...

Oh joy and happiness! Yay!

The Rebel Ridgewoodian said...

What a beautiful photograph!
I love it!
Can't wait until spring in Ridgewood!