Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pansies with a Purpose!

Merry Meet and Blessed Spring, Family and Friends!

So, today I spent the afternoon planting Pansies. For me, this is nothing new. I plant them every Spring, waiting patiently until they arrive at the garden center. I confess, I am...a Pansiefile. Aside from being cheerful, they are also very economical. Here in New Jersey, the Pansies that I've planted today will continue to bloom until the end of June.

That being said, these are not just your typical Pansies, these are Pansies with a purpose!

Each planting season, I will plant hundreds of flowers until my home is completely surrounded by them, creating a floral sanctuary. What I like to refer to as "My Secret Garden". Every year, after I've worked from sun up until well after sun down, I realize that I should have charged all these flowers with magickal intent so they will manifest in blessings as they grow. Ya know, as any accomplished Witch might consider doing! Every Spring, after the last plant is in the ground and I'm covered head to toe with dirt, I think, "why didn't I cast the spell on the Pansies! Dammit!!

Last night, we celebrated the Spring Equinox with a lovely ritual in which we planted seeds that will manifest our intentions as the Wheel of the Year turns. Perhaps, it was a cosmic bitch slap, but this time, as I planted my own Pansies, I remembered to charge them with magickal purpose and intent!

It was a lovely day. The sun was warm, with a cool Spring breeze. On most occasions, I would toss on my IPod and dance around the yard as I'm working, perhaps sipping a little wine. Not today. Today, I listened quietly to the songs of the Mother (thank you, Arie!).

As I began turning the Earth and pulling last season's decaying roots from the planters, I looked at my freshly manicured fingernails and considered finding my gardening gloves. Then, I thought better of it. I welcomed the sensation of the soft, moist soil in my hands, smelling it's richness. I quieted my mind and listened to the melody of the song birds and watched the sparrows and chickadees flying in and out of the feeder.

As I gently coaxed each plant from their flats, I held them between my palms, close to my heart and filled them with intent. Health, prosperity, protection, stability, happiness, contentment, love, wisdom, knowledge, well-being, for my family, for my friends, for myself and anyone else who might need it. For those that I knew had specific needs, I selected plants that I named solely for them and charged those with blessings of healing, both physical and spiritual.

After a long day of planting, I usually look over what I've accomplished and see beauty. Today, after a long day of planting, I looked over what I'd accomplished and saw love.

In Darkness, Light!



ARIE said...

That's great Tracy!

Nice to feel the soil in your hands, isn't it.

By the way are you composting food residues?


Rue said...

What a beautiful way to spend the day and to bless your garden! You'll get so much more joy out of those pansies this year!

SeeThroughGreen said...

I bet you have the most beautiful home around! I can imagine the positive energies radiating from it, not to mention the amazing colors and perfumes...
It sounds beautiful!

Thanks for the comment on my blog too! Im glad that the way I practice isnt just me neglecting the path... but I guess it is true... The farther you move along your journey, the less technical everything is... everything just simply is what it is....

anyway! Happy spring to ya! (we just got 2 in of snow here :(