Saturday, March 6, 2010

Until They Remove All Uncertainty!

Merry Meet Family, Friends and Fellow Ridgewoodians!

Well, if you've read my last post, and some of you obviously have, you know that Kyla was on the receiving end of inappropriate commentary by someone who is employed by the Ridgewood School System. This morning, I received the following Youtube video emailed to my blog with the following comments:

here is the beloved angel at 10
very nice

I'm sure whomever sent it expected that this was something I would be too embarrassed to share. It obviously shows Kyla being well...a 10 year old child, as the poster acknowledges, and behaving with all the maturity of the same. Am I happy to see Kyla flipping off the camera? Of course not, she should know better! Does that give this person, an adult, the right to insult my 13 year old daughter for no apparent reason? I'll let you be the judge.

It really takes a special kind of person to attempt to redirect the attention away from their own innappropriate behavior, onto a child. There are obviously people working with our children that feel they are entitled to treat them however they see fit and guess what? This is what your astronomical tax dollars are paying for!

Here is the status update that was posted on Kyla's Facebook that same evening.

Kyla: Ouch...just got dissed by someones mother
-_- not to happy..

Kyla is feeling angry
via BuddyPoke
Thu at 5:18pm via BuddyPoke

Nice? Nice is ruining a child's self-esteem with mean-spirited insults.

I never claimed that my child was an angel. She was however, a child that called a friend looking for homework help and was subjected to insulting, libelous and demeaning comments made by that child's employee of the Ridgewood School System.

Again, I always give people the benefit of the doubt, unless they make complete and utter asses of themselves and remove all uncertainty.

In Darkness, Light!


"Woe betide the creature that fucks up in my garden".


Felicitas said...

I'm glad you aren't taking this sitting down. What this adult is doing to your child is wrong on so many levels and she should not be allowed to get away with it.

Posting your daughter's image on YouTube without your permission must also be punishable by law since Kyla is a minor. I would definitely go to the authorities with it, and if nothing else, maybe they can scare this idiot into behaving like a decent human being.

Tracy said...

Thank you, Felicitas! My thoughts exactly.

It makes you wonder how the same person might feel if their own child was made to feel this badly.

Tracy said...

This video of Kyla was actually taken at a Arts/Drama Summer Camp that my husband's school runs. This is an entirely different school district, in a different County. The person who took the video was a 15 year old student. This summer camp is open to kid's of all ages, so I'm sure Kyla was just trying to fit in with those that she perceived to be her peers.

In any case, the video was taken by someone who isn't even part of Kyla's circle of friends, nor does she live in or around the Ridgewood area. Whomever sent the video must have had to actually search for some "evidence" to cast Kyla in an unfavorable light. Certainly not something I would expect from another child.

Carol said...

wow that really sucks. How dare them!! GO GET THEM TRACY!
I guess they don't know you at all LOL!!!

Tracy said...

LOL! Carol you are too funny!

No they don't know me. Here's what I know though about them. I know that the post comes from an America Online subscriber and I know their IPS address. They are going to know the name of our attorney if they continue to post information about my children.

Stella Seaspirit said...

Perfect example of why Humankind is not known for humans being kind. This nonsense is not welcome especially by those of us striving to make a better planet and who are concious of a much bigger picture than these silly little games. Nip it in the budd Tracy and nip it hard!

Tracy said...

Exactly, Stella.

It's also a perfect example of where the lines of communication begin to stray from the traditional approach to common sense.

THINK, then speak. THINK, then speak!

It's really quite simple, yet for some, obviously a daunting task.

SeeThroughGreen said... utterly immature is it to post something like that to make a point (meaning the other person...not you)
SHES 10!
what 10 year old is perfect all the time, listens all the time...never flips off a camera lol!
"the little angel" Wow I love the dripping sarcasm....
Im 19 and still occasionally flip off cameras. whoever posted this needs to get a grip.

SeeThroughGreen said...

PS! i am gonna try zumba! it sounds amazing :D thanks for the tip ;)

Tracy said...

I'm unsure if the person who posted the video and the person who made the comments are one in the same. Like I said, I like to offer the benefit of the doubt when I can. I would hope that at this point common sense would prevail, but then again, ignorance knows no bounds.

That being said, anyone who actually supports an other's inappropriate behavior toward my child, well perhaps they need to examine their own morals a little more closely.