Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What the Fox!

Merry Meet Family and Friends!

So, lately, every time we let our dogs out, they bark their friggin' heads off. Oh, I know what you're thinking, "Trace, they're dogs. It's what dogs do!" Yeah, I know, but this isn't just dogs being dogs, it's really annoying, and I'm sure my neighbors would agree!

Our property backs up to a wooded area called the "right of way". It's actually an access road for our utility company, but for all intents and purposes, it's a place where people walk their dogs. My husband and I assumed that with the leaves having fallen off the trees, our dogs just had a better view of passing canines and they're just defending their territory.

I would often notice our Daphne, kneeling forward on her elbows, tail wagging furiously, seemingly playing with something that isn't there. I was beginning to wonder if she'd lost her mind!

Then, my husband spotted a red fox run through our neighbor's yard and disappear into the "right of way". Ah, it was all beginning to make sense. We've heard their haunting cries on summer nights. I gotta tell ya, it's really creepy! Daphne has a very red coat, so I can see how a fox might mistake her for one of their entourage.

A few nights ago, I'd let the dogs out (you're singing Snoop Dog in your head, aren't you?) and sat down to read. They immediately began their infernal barking! I was livid pissed! It was then Ray told me a strange little "tail" that he'd heard in the supermarket.

He had run into a neighbor who said that there was a "family" of fox living in the right of way. Seriously? With all the foot, not to mention paw traffic, can they really have found a place to have sex and actually raise an entire family? And more importantly, are they paying taxes?

But wait, it gets worse. The woman said that a neighbor a few doors down was actually feeding them! She said if she didn't, they "trashed" her yard.

OK, you guys know me. If anyone were to do something like this, it would most likely be me, but not even I'm this..ummmm, brave. Call me crazy, but doesn't it stand to reason that the fox will eventually become more dependent on their feedings and the kindness of humans? If the feedings were to stop, wouldn't it make sense that they would look for other people willing to feed them? And aren't fox known to carry, Oh, I don't know, RABIES!!!! Just askin'

Since the fox sighting, I've been especially careful with Ginger a.k.a. Tootie (our Yorkie/Chihuahua). I can see how a fox might mistake her for a rabbit! I have been known to coax her inside by yelling in a weird falsetto voice, "Oh My God, Tootie! The fox is going to get you!!" I'm sure my neighbors think it's hysterical! Ray just cringes in embarassment!

A few nights ago, when Ginger wanted to go outside, so I decided to go with her...pajamas and all. I kept watch as she roamed the yard, not really expecting anything, but just in case.

I was enjoying the cool night air, gazing at the stars, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something red creeping slowly out from the shadows and it was heading right for...OH MY GOD! Tootie!!! I swear, my heart stopped! I hauled ass down the steps, my feet never touching the ground! Poor Daphne spun around looking dumbfounded! Ginger had a look of anticipation, as if she was thinking, "Mom's going to kill Daphne? Cool!" I'm sure they both thought that I'd lost MY mind!

Wow! Way to harsh my mellow!

Somewhere, I'm sure there are a family of fox laughing their tails off!

In Darkness, Light!



SeeThroughGreen said...

i dont know if the foxes are laughing...but i sure as hell am! At the cottage I worked at over the summer there was a few foxes that liked to play with mine and the owner of the cottage's dogs...they had great times...especially trying to catch my greyhound....but then again...neither of them looked like bunnies or im sure I would have had your reaction!
well! goodluck with it all!

Tracy said...


See, I wasn't even sure if fox would consider playing with our dogs! Now I'm really freakin' out!

There's also a red tailed hawk that shows up occasionally when Ginger is outside. I'll often yell to her, "Ginger! The birdie's gonna get you!".

Maybe she really is!!!

SeeThroughGreen said...

lol!!! i hope not! but i suppose those are the risks of owning little dogs... always a chance of wild animal disasters...but they can happen with any sized pet...
im sure that everything will be fine as long as you keep an eye on the matter.

ARIE said...

Maybe some of your neighbours have chickens?
Foxes love them.

pheonix_Dawn said...

I too laughed my ass off! Your crazy I like it LOL Have a Beautiful day hon Love and Light

spottedwolf said...

Foxes live throughout the civilized world Trace. Much like coyotes, but not so dangerous, they are highly adaptable to any situation.

There are 21 species of fox throughout the known world Trace...check that number...

Generally fox medicine is about learning the value of quiet...shapeshifting....serious power. Study the 21st card of the Tarot. Some believe it to be a 'gate' into fairie realms. Red Fox ??? sexuality ??? Kundalini ???

Their diets classically consist of bugs and rodents....lots of them.