Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the....Broom?

Merry Meet Family and Friends!

So, people have asked why my kids are not being raised Pagan. Believe me, it's not that I wouldn't love to raise them Pagan, but we've always felt that it should be their choice and one that they make after careful consideration. Anyone who walks this Path knows it's not for the faint of heart.

My son has always been an avid reader with a great passion for different cultures, customs and religious beliefs. I thought surely he would follow in my footsteps. I would sometimes refer to him as "my Pagan child", because for a while, he was really interested in learning about Paganism. My daughter Kyla, not so much.

Kyla wasn't exactly thrilled that Mom was a "Witch". She had the same media driven misconceptions that many people do. Despite my best efforts to explain that not all Witches were the same as those she'd read about in books or saw on TV, she was not easily convinced.

When she began spending more time with our Pagan friends, the term "Witch" took on an entirely new meaning. A Witch became someone who was an author or a nurse, someone that did animal rescue, or who was a musician, like her Dad. As she got older, she learned that a Witch could also be a physician, a neurobiologist or a physicist. She met a new group of friends whose parents were raising them Pagan. Still, she didn't participate in any Pagan celebrations and had no interest in practicing herself.

Recently, Kyla has been walking around and every now and then would casually say, "deja vu". Fearing that I would be perceived as the "uncool" parent, it was a while before I got up the nerve to ask what this meant. I assumed it was some new teenage phrase that meant something entirely different than what I thought or perhaps it was a song that I had yet to hear more times than I ever wanted to.

The other day, while she was scrounging for a snack, I heard her say, "deja vu". Finally, I asked, "Kyla, what does that mean, "deja vu?" She turned to me with the exasperated expression of a typical 13 year old, rolled her eyes and said, "Mom, you don't know what 'deja vu" means? Seriously?" To which I replied, "I know what I think it means, what do you think it means?" Again, with attitude, "You know, it's "deja vu" it's like, when you feel as if you did something before"., I was intrigued, especially given how often I'd heard her say it! "When does this happen to you?", I asked. She replied casually, "Oh, ya know, a few times....a day." A few times a day?!

It is common belief that psychic and paranormal phenomenon will begin to manifest around the time a child reaches puberty. I recalled having deja vu when I was a child. I know how strange a sensation it can be. Kyla seemed unfazed. I had done some reading on the subject years ago and there were some different theories on the deja vu experience.

It usually occurs between the ages of 15 - 25 years old, it's prevalent in people with epilepsy disorder (Kyla has never had an epileptic event). Many parapsychologists associate it with past life memories. I shared this with Kyla. She wasn't impressed. It was just, and I quote, "a weird thing that happens". Case closed.

Then....she began randomly predicting what songs were about to play on the radio. Ok...the first time, I thought, "Lucky guess!" It was Lady Gaga, you can't really listen to the radio without hearing at least one of her latest hits. But then, it began to happen with such uncanny accuracy and I finally had to admit she was actually doing this! My first reaction, "Holy Crap!!!!" We need to play the lottery!!!!

It's gotten even more interesting. I had been sitting at the computer reading Facebook one morning, when suddenly, something whizzed by me. My hands froze on the keyboard and I yelled to my husband, "Ray!!!! I think I just orb!" "What's a "norb?, he yelled back. Oh for the love of nerve! "Not a "norb!" An "orb!!!" An "orb!!!' He came into the living room, "An orb? Oh yeah, I saw one last night", he replied matter of factly. Information he didn't see any reason to share, I guess!

Kyla came downstairs upon hearing the conversation and asked, "what did you see?" "An orb", I replied, and went on to explain that an orb was considered to be a form of spirit energy. Then she said, "Ya know, I'm seeing these weird, "shadows" out of the corner of my eye" My initial reaction was one of alarm and I immediately thought I should take her in to see our opthamologist. Then she said, "I was a man. He was wearing a big hat". "You think "one" was a man?" The hair on the back of my neck stood on end!

Last night, I watched a show called, "Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal". It's actually a docu-series that deals with the difficulties that kids with paranormal abilities encounter. As I watched, I realized that MANY of the things that Kyla has been experiencing, not just recently, but for years, were unbelievably similar to what these kids were dealing with. I asked her to come and watch with me. She saw the similarities herself and was a little freaked out. "I don't like this", she whined!! I explained that it was a gift and one that she could cultivate and perfect.

"Great", she said. "What am I supposed to do with this gift?" To which I replied, "Be a more powerful Witch than I could ever hope to!"

She was quiet for a minute and then asked, "Does this mean I get to take the Wiccan holidays off from school now?"


In Darkness, Light!



wylde otse said...

love your honesty and courage.
anyway, 'bin following' the flow of history. look. i would rather not have to jump in the fire to loose your bonds. sounds like you have an awesome family.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

simple transistion sounds like to me... You allowed your children to know you yet gave them the freedom to choose for themselves and the natural instincts have the opportunity to come to the surface. Sounds like a wonderful family experience...

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Thanks for your input, guys!

We try to teach our kids open mindedness and to offer them the kind of experiences that they might not "normally" be exposed to.

I think everyone should teach their kids to engage their senses...all six of them!

SeeThroughGreen said...

hah! I love her!! do I get the wiccan holidays off from school! Thats awesome!

I dont think I have ever had any spirit type encounters... never saw them anyway... but people always get freaked out when I know theres someone in the room, or behind me... that 6th sense thing.... they dont get it...
lol! maybe Im just a freak :P

ARIE said...

All very familiar to me. I have two children also. Older that yours though.
It is a slow process, but nothing is lost and it will manifest itself, when the time is right. The impressions go straight to the subconscious.

Rue said...

Lol - your daughter sounds like a normal teen! My thirteen year old neice sees auras. She just mentioned it one day - "these colours around people" like it was something we all saw. No big deal to her. She didn't want to know she had any special 'gift' either!

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

She came home from school the other day and told me, "I've mastered the art of levitation". Then she told me that during a meditation class, she felt as if she was floating. Something broke her concentration and the hit the floor with a "thud".

I'm hoping what actually happened was that she fell asleep. If I walk into her room and find her hovering..I'm going to be really upset!

ARIE said...

In the siddeh trancedental meditation practice, you "fly" with your legs crossed in the lotus position. Actualy you jump up due to muscle contraction while in a deep state of meditation.
You can google/youtube and see pictures of trancedental meditation flights.