Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lashing Out!

Merry Meet Once Again, Family and Friends!

Ok, so I have a confession to make.


I'm imagining at least one of you breaking a sweat!'s not that kind of confession!

I am prone to bouts of...VANITY!!! There I've said it!!

Ahhh...I feel so much better. I bet you're wondering, "Tracy, what the hell are you talking about?" And I'm going to tell you!

Recently, I had a long overdue appointment with my eye doctor. I finally realized when I actually couldn't see, that it might be time to make an appointment.

At my recent visit with my opthamologist, she asked me if I was having any problems, to which I immediately responded, "other than the fact that I can't see?" Then I casually mentioned the maddening loss of eyelashes I'd been experiencing. Now, we're not talking one or two eyelashes. We're talking enough lashes to leave a quarter inch bald patch on my lash line. I know...I know! Who actually notices, right? Probably no one unless I specifically point it out, but I found it really annoying and especially so when I tried to put on mascara. The opthamologist asked if I had ever been diagnosed with an infection of my eyelids or if I suffered from allergies to make-up? I hadn't experienced either. Then she asked, "Have you considered Latisse?"

Latisse, as some of you may know, is a prescription medication that is specifically for people who have inadequate eyelash growth. The medication has been used for about the last 20 years for the treatment of glaucoma. One of the side effects of the drug however, has been that it causes eyelashes to remain in the growth phase, resulting in really, long friggin' lashes!

"Sure", I told her. I'd seen Brooke Shield's pimping the product on TV, but wasn't it rather expensive? My opthamologist said that the other patients loved it, that it had been marketed long enough so that it's safety was well documented and suggested I give it a try.

I could feel a bout of vanity coming on!

Ok, so I've been using the Latisse for a little over two months. They say that full results are seen after 16 weeks? 16 weeks? That may present a problem.

At this point my lashes, without mascara, are becoming unusually...dare I say, freakily long. With mascara, well...judge for yourselves!

My husband thinks I'm beginning to look like a Llama!

I Love Llamas!!!

Coming next.....Confessions of a Make-up Slut!

In Darkness, Light!



Zedral Z said...

Holy Eyelashes! Your eyes look beautiful!

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Thank you!!!

There beginning to grow on me! ;)

SeeThroughGreen said...

holy crow! I thought mine were long! i was WRONG!! lol!
there isnt anything wrong with vanity.... I make a point of telling myself how FRIKIN AWESOME I am at least 3 times a day! It works wonders on my self- image! :D