Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Memories and Mirrors...

Merry Meet Family and Friends!!

Have you ever recognized yourself in something that has been written? A word, a phrase or perhaps a song? Of course! Haven't we all? Someone describes characteristics and often these will resonate with some aspect of our own personality. It's like a mirror we look into and for better or worse, we see ourselves looking back. It's the reflection of our inner voice...our conscience. The difficult part comes when that reflection is too clear or far too accurate and we are ashamed of, or unhappy with, the person we see.

Our memories are often that way as well. Our pleasant memories about ourselves or others are the easiest mirror to look into. It's those that aren't so pleasant or that are difficult to examine in the harsh light of day, that we tend to push into deepest recesses of our mind. We may reconstruct their accuracy until they bear little resemblance to factual events, but we are simply making them more tolerable for our psyches to deal with.

The other thing about our memories is that, most often, they are a shared experience. So even if we choose to alter the course of their reality, there's often someone that has shared them with us that would be more than happy to refresh our memories. Their escape is....fleeting. As much as we'd like to convince ourselves or others that history can be rewritten, this is nothing more than our own personal delusion. We can grow, learn and change from the mistakes or accomplishments of our past, but they are a part of our akashic record.

And while we may be capable, in our own minds, of redesigning the landscape of the "Memory Lane" of our past, it's merely a detour to avoid the Mirror.

In Darkness, Light,



Anonymous said...

The best way to discover whose telling the truth is to sit down, compare notes. Clear the air!

If either party refuses, there's your answer!

There is only one truth.

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Merry Meet Anonymous!

Thank you! That's a brilliant suggestion!

I always enjoy comparing
"versions" of the truth with someone I am certain is being dishonest with me, themselves and everyone else.

It's amusing to see how many versions of the truth they have to come up with to cover their own deceptions.

You're absolutely right. There is only one "truth"

"In Truth, there is no fear"

ARIE said...

Even shared experiences can be delusive as each person sees through different filters. One event can have opposite interpretations.
Sometimes people lie to themselves and are not even aware off.
Nothing better than group work for mirrors. But there must be commitment to share experiences and to wake up.

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

We actually did group work with mirrors at Samhain. It was very powerful from a magickal and emotional standpoint.

Most people hold their own inner mirror. They may delude themselves for a time or run away from what they see, but in the end, they'll always see their inner selves, for good or bane, looking back.