Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year's "Pffft"

Happy 2011 Family and Friends!

I suspect I'm supposed to be writing something about the New Year's beginning or last year's ending. Pffft!

Years begin..other's end. Some of those things that we wish wouldn't follow us into the New Year are going to, whether we want them to are not. Some are bad memories, relationships or unresolved issues that had no intention of leaving us behind merely because the year did. Some of those things are a process of learning or of grieving and require the passage of time before we can let them go. They were not meant to be interrupted.

There are some things however, that we really don't need to drag along into the New Year, do we? There's a reason for the adage, "out with the old, in with the new". It's sorta like cleaning out your closets. There are things that no longer fit the person we've become and instead of letting it go, we hang on by means of some emotional attachment.

Still, we may find new pleasure in things that we'd forgotten...those classics that withstand the test of time. Some will be worth revisiting, while others are just taking up the space better utilized by that which serves to enrich the person we've become.

Personally, I intend to continue with what worked best for me last year. I will find inspiration where the wind takes me, passion in that which draws me to the flame, allow the waters of knowledge to flow through me and trust in the Earth to keep me grounded. I will find pleasure in all those things that nurture my Spirit.

I will *try* to meditate more, learn as many new things present themselves, dance as long as I'm breathing and say I love you as often as I can.

In Darkness, Light!