Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blame It On Grandma!

Blessed Beltane, my beloveds!

Today I am celebrating my carefully calculated, albeit not so delicately orchestrated....natal escape!  Yes, it's the day I came kicking and screaming, ass first, into the World!

My birth, however, was a lot like this past Easter. It almost didn't happen! 

You see, my parent's marriage began circling the drain long before it had even been consummated.  My mother, was the youngest of seven children, six girls and one boy, who came from a strict Italian upbringing.  My father, was a handsome, blond haired, blue eyed, bad boy, with a wild heart and temper to match!  Despite my Grandmother's dire prediction that no good could come of it, my Mother found him irresistible!  When they secretly eloped at 19 years old, story has it, that my little Italian Grandma took a broom to him! 

For the first 14 years of their marriage, my parents remained childless. The doctors discovered that my mother had a condition that made the possibility of her conceiving highly unlikely. Sad, but probably not the worst case scenario under the circumstances.

The doctors were even more shocked than my parents, when at 33 years old, my mother became pregnant.  Despite their less than a perfect union, they happily welcomed my sister, Leslie into the World.   Still, their joy was tempered with a warning that, due to my mother's age and her difficulties conceiving, they should be thankful to have one child.

If my parent's relationship improved after my sister's arrival, it was fleeting at best. And if my sister's birth came as surprise, can you imagine my Mother's reaction when, 14 years later, at the tender age of 41 years, she found herself, once again, pregnant!  Back in the day, this gave the term "advanced maternal age, a whole new meaning!

My Mother was in a state of complete and utter...denial!  She consulted two different doctors and took 4 pregnancy tests before she accepted the fact that she was going to have another child!   And I can't really say I blame her! Thankfully, abortion was still illegal at the time or I might not be here to tell the tale!   My father, on the other hand, was beyond ecstatic!  You see, he had mellowed with age and looked forward to the "blessed event". 

And so, on Beltane, more years ago that I am willing to admit...a Witch was born!

Talk about wielding a wicked broom!  Way to go, Grandma!

In Darkness, Light!



WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

A witch that likes the earth, and who is thankful for her birth, and when the push comes to the shove, gets the brush just like her mum's mum, and uses this tool to put sense into a fool!

I enjoyed reading.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Thank you much, Andrew!