Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Curse of Midas

Merry Meet and Blessings Family and Friends!

So, if you've seen the video in my last blog entry, you know that there was a conference held at Harvard entitled the "Social Transformation by the Power of God Conference". Apparently, there are some people that consider Witchcraft and the practitioners thereof, to be a..."contemporary menace to society".

The video, which has been posted on several internet sites, gets funnier every time I've seen it! I especially like the part where Dr. Pat Francis, wails, "we bleed the blood of Jesus over every altar of false religion".

False religion? By who's estimation? Have these people actually done any research into our religion? Or do they simply enjoy working themselves up into a tizzy of hatred and intolerance in the name of Jesus Christ? I wonder what Jesus would say? Perhaps, I'll have to ask him myself, given that, along with the other Deities on my "altar of false religion", I also have a crucifix.

Many of the Witches who viewed this video rallied a response to block the intent of this conference. That's not necessarily a bad idea. One of the worst things one can do is to assume that the negativity that's being generated here won't be effective because you don't believe it will. Quite frankly, I've seen some pretty nasty things happen to those who arrogantly decide that they, "don't believe in that stuff". Obviously, if Harvard hosted an entire conference devoted to ridding the World of us, we must have provided some fairly convincing evidence as to the power of Witchcraft. I mean, I would hate to think that an institution as prestigious as Harvard would be hosting a bunch of right wing fanatics who've taken up the cross against a religion whose basic tenet is, "An it harm none, do as ye will".

Personally, I felt no pressing need to protect myself from Dr. Francis and her merry band of witch hunters. I certainly didn't feel the need to protect myself from the "Power of Christ". No, I was more concerned by the hatred being bred by these self-appointed "Apostles", who are intent on ridding society of it's "menaces".

And how about those "generational curses" that Dr. Francis and her colleagues are convinced are the result of the practice of Witchcraft. Perhaps they should "bleed the blood of Jesus" over the altars of those who inflict the generational curses that follow sexually abused children into adulthood...anxiety/depression, Post-traumatic stress disorders, suicide attempts, substance abuse, self-mutilation...just to name a few. Children born to sexually abused parents are at increased risk of being physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused.

"Inter-generational transmission of physical abuse is thought to develop as a result of patterning parental behavior experienced as a child; that is, a child who experiences physical abuse as a child is at risk to repeat this behavior as an adult (Zuravin, McMillin, DePanfilis, & Risley-Curtiss, 1996)."

Perhaps those of us who practice the fine art of Witchery should hold a conference to illuminate the real menaces to society, those who hide behind Christ while violating the innocent.

Hey, Dr. Francis...obviously not everything that Christians "touch" turns to gold.

Oh, by the way...we're still here.

In Darkness, Light


Proud to be a pentacle wearin, Witchcraft practicin' Menace to Society!


White Wolf said...

For those living in the US I'm sure you can come up with a representative "defamation" law suit against these people. Could you discuss this with a lawyer and see what can be done?
Maybe even Haward can be sued for hosting such an event.
These hate movements normally appear in economic slump times and unless they are stopped can become very dangerous.
Jesus was himself a Witch and a practicioner of the magickal arts. At the last supper he performed a magickal act of sharing his own blood and flesh with his students in order to establish an eternal after life connection. He may have taken mandrake root before being put on the cross. This would make him appear as death and later resurrected.
See you Facebook. :-)

Carol said...

I am with you Tracy of course.This is upsetting to think that Harvard would allow this!
As far as a lawsuit which White Wolf suggested (would love to but..... there are so many buts!


Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

In addition to Witches, these people also targeted homosexuals and Jews. If my memory serves me correctly, and I believe it does, Christ was a Jew, wasn't he?

They may claim to be Apostles, but what they really are is Vigilantes for Christ who are spreading hatred and trying to rid the world of anyone who doesn't believe the way they do.

IvyandtheGreenEyedCat said...

It's this type of over-hyper religious behavior that makes these Bible-thumpin' morons no different than the Muslim orthodox terrorists.

Sadly, as tolerant and accepting as I try to be with every religion, it's the orthodox extremists who ruin it for everyone and I when I meet the occasional one, I cannot even be in their presence, I cannot accept what they believe, and I can't encourage them to feel that they are somehow better than me b/c they are bastardizing the teachings and philosophies of Jesus Christ. I know that may not paint my beliefs in a good light but, quite plainly, f*ck those a$$wipes and the high horse they rode in on. Plus it begs the question... How in the World do they think that what they are doing is making the World a better place???

I also find it important to point out that there are probably a bevy of Christians/Catholics who are shaking their heads with embarrassment when they saw that.

Tracy, I almost wish I didn't watch it b/c it constantly reaffirms the fact that there are morons out there who are like that...


Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Tracy, I almost wish I didn't watch it b/c it constantly reaffirms the fact that there are morons out there who are like that...


((((hugs)))) Sonja

I couldn't agree with you more.

I haven't been a practicing Christian in years, but I'm embarrassed on behalf of Jesus Christ and those who are actually true to his teachings!